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About Digital Art / Student Core Member Wild Demetrius RukaraiFemale/United States Group :iconad0pt-fever: ad0pt-fever
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Kage Sketch Commission by WildRukarai
WildRukarai: 17, Female, DigitalArtist, Writer, Blackbelt

My name is Wild. Yet you can call me either Wild, Wylde, Demetri, Delirium, Runt, Shorty, Or really whatever you'd like as long as it's nothing rude .u. (I would prefer to go by "They/Them" if that's not too much trouble vuv)

I like girls, don't be hatin'

Female (Single)

17 yrs, Highschooler (Senior)

Martial Artist (Loves using weapons; Sword, Knumchucks, Bo-Staff, Kamas) -I am currently a First Degree Blackbelt

Artist/Writer I've been drawing for 5/6 years now (traditionally)

Loves Anime (Especially FairyTail, Hunter X Hunter, SoulEater, Madoka Magica, Attack on Titan, No.6, Loveless, Spice&Wolf, DeathNote, FruitsBasket, AngelBeats, Blue Exorcist, The Future Diary etc)

Thanks for visiting my page means alot btw and thanks for reading this ;u; If you like my work maybe drop a favorite or watch maybe?

Skype: Note me (I am free to turn down the request to give it to you)






Wild Demetri' Rukarai~ <3
Fire Engine by SoberDOGS Namx by SoberDOGS



Brothers: :iconsnackrukarai: & :iconcolethedemon:

Other awesome people that are epic: :iconp0werdrlven: :iconukhybrid:
(pfft if I forgot someone or if you wanna be awesome just ask me kay eue)

Inspirations/Amazing Artists (In no specific order btw)
:iconoomizuao: :iconthechibicatz67: :iconoceantann: :iconlucidsky: :iconpieology: :iconrupeecat: :iconjeniak: :iconmiimimiu: :iconaluri: :iconiyuse: :iconmechanicalmasochist: :iconleaderofmoonclan: :iconneonspider: :iconrimapichi: :iconvengefulspirits: :iconyuumei: :iconchillis-art: :icontobicakes: :iconrott-rott: :iconenjoipandas: :iconkovat: :iconsmackweenies: :iconkingneroche: :iconrens-twin: :iconludiiicrous: :iconsoberdogs: :iconiiers: :iconaliethekitsune: :iconcyber--hound: :icondrawingwithheart: :iconryanide: :iconcraziiwolf:



WildRukarai Stamp by LaraLeeL SnackRukarai Stamp by LaraLeeL Innocent Uke Stamp by MonkeyBoy1916
UKE by Gunyuu First stamp: Ib by Hariibo Starfox Stamp by AceLombardi I support Yuri stamp... by LostSorrows Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox I'm Not an Emo by DaimyoShi
Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerekEasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKidStamp: Haymitch Approves by Isi-Daddy
THG If We Burn You Burn With Us Stamp by TwilightProwler :: ritsuka love stamp by kinies I support Pewdiepie by WayTooMuchPressure Cry stamp by xMizuOkami Scourge Stamp by SonicMinion SSBB Fox Stamp by crafty-manx SSBB Wolf Stamp by crafty-manx Brawl: Final Destination Stamp by WolfTwilight DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics Enemies Advice Stamp by TharaCorleone Cry: Virus by Kiwa007
Roy Mustang Fan Stamp by Echizen-Ryoma Tablet...stamp by regina35nocis Drawing in math class stamp by lizabey 'zoomzoom' bolt stamp by thelunacy-fringe Furry Pride STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Densetsu Weed Stamp by MarauderWolf93 Awakened_ Weed Stamp by shadow-and-cynder Jerome Stamp by xMissPoison
I love my Spike Collar by Obito--UchihaProud To Be Gay Furry by BlackwolfSilverpaw Ai Ore! by Awkwardly-Handsome Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho I Heart Cute by katheric
I love cute things Stamp by aries95a I Support Cute Things's Stamp by lynart Tails Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Hush Hush Stamp by loriLUNACY Kyoushiro Stamp by IgniteTheBlaize Scars Stamp by Mistress-Blood
Code Lyoko - Odd Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Panty+Stocking.stamp by SweetTeaholic Stocking stamp by Wa-pie
Skype by beigbeider :thumb98874067: Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146
Madarao Stamp by WildTheory RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by PONYPUKE Ib Stamp by yumacchi
In the Long Run, You're Just an Asshole, Simply by endler mooli's pack stamp by iExploded katzbalger's pack stamp by iExploded
The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Stamp by CartoonSilverFox JENIAC- Stamp by Cookie-Magic Stamp: Arashi no Yoru ni by Harumi-Chan
SoaS [STAMP] by Dekushake

More Stamps xD

Stamps Galour

High School Of The Dead Stamp by Deathbymodding Left 4 Dead 2 Stamp by sonicxrules219 Kuroshitsuji II by 80avatarfan80
Pluto STAMP by ForeverSonuSupernatural Season 6 Stamp by Cammerel Stop Sexting by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
Castiel Stamp by XionStamps Revenge Stamp by TlMBER :thumb124473727:
Soul Run Stamp by DrDoomy A Noah stamp by Shiranui-CandyGod Slender Man Stamp by pewrizer
Self-Taught Writer by World-Hero21 Writer by Shadowed-Midnight True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage
:thumb201497936: OhSHC- Twins by dream0writer7 :thumb142830197:
Kawaii Miemie Support Stamp 2 by miemie-chan3 Cute Stamp by leadervance :thumb339361622:
Kaname Madoka by YuikoHeartless Kyubey Stamp by ReverieSummonerI have always wanted to be a magical girl by nooosheee
Pocky Stamp by PockyPerson32 I watch people because... by medli20 Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp
Another apocalypse... by prosaix Fox McCloud SS-Brawl stamp by newperson3245234
Smash Bros Brawl stamp by Almightypickle :SSBB:Butt:Stamp: by KaiSuki Unleash your Final Smash by dazedgumball
Skrillex Stamp by Rosella-of-Daventry ToA - Mieu Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestGarry Stamp 2 by XxShi-no-TenshixX
Furry stamp by golden-jackalHamsters Stamp by DragonGirl249I Have A Super Bark by azianwolfdoll
Ib- Ib Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO Ib- Garry Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO Ib- Mary Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO
Yuri Stamp by Lead-Exile pom gets wi-fi stamp by RRRAI I Love Cosplay Stamp by Cosplay-Equipment
Naruto-stamp by kairiSparda

Art Corner

Art for me by amazing Artists ;u;

:CM: Wild Rukarai and Kage by CaptainDarkeh for I.D and other stuffs by WildRukarai
for page again by WildRukarai for paaaage by WildRukarai
Candy canes by Satyrtail Fire Engine by SoberDOGS
Kage Sketch Commission by WildRukarai For Page again .u. by WildRukarai
Point Commish: WildRukarai by Blitzy-Arts Namx by SoberDOGS
secret santa present by ItzyILuvDogs

Your Mind Creates Your Reality by cyber--hound Chibi Point commission for by Litner-chi
Breathe by cyber--hound Practice requests! by miu-chan-nya



custombox doll maybe by WildRukarai
what tablet/programs do you use?

- I use a medium bamboo wacom Create, along with paint tool sai (I also sometimes use paint, gimp, photoshop, and traditonal)

why don't you draw your other & or adopted ocs more?

-Oh my, I love all my babies and would want to draw them all,
everyday I just don't have the time for it and or the inspiration at times. It's pretty hard you know?

where do you get inspiration/inspired from?

- Mainly music, sometimes anime or reading a good book or manga, sometimes if something happens in my daily life as well could be inspiring, I take in every little thing to see if it could go into a piece of work or into one of my writings

can we be friends?

-I don't bite, though it's hard for me to trust people, I have trusting issues due to some things in my recent past, especially if I think of you suspicious then I probably won't, though starting a slow friendship and letting it grow is fine by me as long as I have time to get to know you~

can i draw oc/fanart and stuffs like that?

-Pfft of course, I'd love fanart of any of my characters (I'd doubt anyone would be interested in drawing fanart of them lol) though if you'd want go ahead *u* Just be sure to credit me that I am their owners and please show me the work <333333

Can I trace your art, use it as reference, use the pose from one of your drawings, re-color them, make my own version of your art, post it somewhere else, like on my website or facebook, color your lineart, use your art as my icon or avatar ?

-Absolutely not. These are my characters that I took so much time working on, they're like half of my life and you can not use them. This also goes right along with my writings, do not even think about stealing any of my plots that I've taken years now to work on. If you also try to repost my art without my permission on a site, trust me, I will find you and you will be reported.

for paaaage by WildRukarai


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Wild Demetrius Rukarai
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

I'm on FurAffinity by WizzDono Roleplays are open by WizzDonoCommissions are closed by WizzDono I don't do requests by WizzDono Art trades are open by WizzDono
The Gray Garden: Kcalb stamp by Mion-waffuchii


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Free YCH GiveAway

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 9:42 PM
Hosted by: :iconkagay:


Seriously go check it out, their art is amazing *u*

Skin designed by: Wolfvids
Skin coded by: Wolfvids


Life or Death? by WildRukarai
Life or Death?
   "Aw, this locket was your friend's wasn't it? Well, you won't be needing it." Leslie smirks holding up the golden trinket in his hand. I was frozen, I couldn't move, what do I do? Run? No, he'll hit me with those knifes before I can make it any further than I have, and I'm cornered too close to shoot an arrow. This is it, I'm going to die, I let Halcyon die because of me and now I was going to end up dying and everything she did was going to be for nothing.
    "No... Pl-Please give it back! Halcyon gave it to me, it's all I have left..." I whisper not knowing what I'm saying until the words spill out. I was too scared to even bring my hand up to cover the wound he cause on my neck, it wasn't mortally deep but it still stung. I felt tears falling down my face, this was the second time I've cried in the arena, the first being Halcyon's death, and now? Having it all ripped away from me to just be killed as well. I brace myself as I feel a hand lock itself around my wrist but after a few ticking moments that go by I dare to open my eyes.
    "C'mon you're coming back to the cornucopia" he huffs and leads me through the wooded area, I breath a small sigh of relief, I wasn't going to die just yet, I could still make it out alive if I just think. The only problem is, what can one kid do against a pack of Careers?

Art/Wylde (C) Me WildRukarai
Leslie (C) SnackRukarai
Hunger Games (C) Suzanne Collins

Giveaway by Witchpaws! 

Commision Status


Free button: Commissions Closed by Mimru Kawaii Button: Commish Closed by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Button: Request Closed by miemie-chan3 DA Button: Art Trades Open by miemie-chan3

:bulletblue: ~CLOSED~ (I can draw anthros, ferals, and humans)

Commission Information:…

To Do's/Waiting on's

To do list:

Waiting on: (and no this isn't to rush you or anything I just tend to forget <3)




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